Sunday, October 12, 2014

Advanced Encryption Package 2013 Professional 5.85.0 Installer Free Download

Category: Security|Encrypting
Version: 5.85.0
Size: 14 mb
Developer: SecureAction Research LLC

Seeds: 125
Peers: 66

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Review: Advanced Encryption Package 2012 Professional can help you maintain the privacy of your information by allowing to to password-protect files. This kind of program can come in handy if you share your computer with multiple users, for example, and have limited options when it comes to security. The interface of the tool is standard and easy to navigate through. You can use the treeview to locate files on your hard drive. So, you can apply a password along with a riddle to help you remember it, specify the algorithm type, first pack and then crypt files, and delete source files after conversion (a secured deletion is optional). Furthermore, you can apply filters, input the output folders (current or custom), as well as create a SFX module and ZIP archive, send the source files via email and decrypt them. Additionally, you can calculate file sizes, view file properties, change the interface skin, use a RSA key and password generator, clear the computer history, open Command Prompt, enable a program icon in the system tray, view a log file after conversion, and more. The application runs on a moderate amount of system resources, includes a complete user documentation with snapshots for beginners and quickly finishes a conversion task. No errors have popped up during our tests. We highly recommend Advanced Encryption Package 2012 Professional to all users, regardless of their experience level.

Learn Visual Basic 6 2.0 32bit-64bit

Category: Others|Home & Education
Version: 2.0
Size: 211 mb
Developer: Kidware Software

Seeds: 104
Peers: 53

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Friday, October 10, 2014

K-ML 4.9.436 by paxomow Free Download

Category: Internet|E-mail|Mailinglist
Version: 4.9.436
Size: 14 mb
Developer: KC Softwares

Seeds: 121
Peers: 93

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Review: K-ML is an application which enables users to send emails to multiple recipients, such as newsletters. Its basic configuration makes the app easy to work with, even for less experienced users. At initialization you can set up the mailing sender account by specifying the SMTP server, port number, authentication details, speed limit and signature. The primary window of K-ML looks plain but well-organized. You can write a message subject and body and set standard text parameters, insert attachments, pick the format (plain text, HTML and plain text), make up the list of addresses, and write sender details (name, email, reply to). It is possible to save messages for further evaluation, edit mailing lists, search inside subscribers name and email address, as well as make the app remove duplicates and entries with invalid email addresses. Other options of K-ML let you replace or delete an email address, backup data, view and search through historical records, change the UI language, view log detail, set the message priority, select the character set, and others. K-ML is very light on the system resources, using a minimal quantity of CPU and memory. It has a good response time and works well, without causing Windows to hang, crash or pop up error dialogs. In conclusion, K-ML is a pretty intuitive application which integrates plenty of useful features for managing mailing lists, and it should please the entire audience.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 SP2 / 2013 RTM Free Download

Category: Internet|Servers|E-mail Servers
Version: 2010 SP2 / 2013 RTM
Size: 811 mb
Developer: Microsoft

Seeds: 124
Peers: 62

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Review: Microsoft Exchange Server is primarily an email server, facilitating a safe and productive environment for business communications. Easy deployment, data loss prevention, disaster recovery and state-of-the-art protection are just a few of the highlights that make it an appropriate solution for enterprise networks. Since its first release in 1993 and to the present day, Microsoft Exchange Server has gone through a process of constant improvement that brought it to a well-balanced state, becoming the email server of choice worldwide. Characteristics such as flexibility and reliability are associated with Microsoft?s product, and on good reason, too, since it delivers means to tailor the deployment process based on unique company needs, while providing uninterrupted access to emails for users. Uptimes are enhanced as the support for multiple databases has been improved, while storage costs are reduced by larger disks. The problem of recovery has been solved by the built-in monitoring and managed availability features that deliver self-healing modules for when failures occur. Compliance policies are settled in a comfortable way; the data loss prevention feature makes sure that emails are not sent to unauthorized people by constantly monitoring and analyzing the content, thus overcoming policy violations. Moreover, the In-Place eDiscovery ensures regulatory compliance across Exchange, Lync and SharePoint. The stringent matter of security no longer represents a challenge, since Microsoft Exchange Server actively scans the communication channels for viruses, phishing attacks or spam, eliminating the possibility of a breach. The management part is simplified with the Exchange Administration Center, which comes in the form of a web-based interface that allows specialists and helpdesk technicians to perform specific tasks without administrative rights. Flexible options to move to the cloud are also an upside of Microsoft Exchange Server; this feature allows for hybrid deployment both online and on-premises, which reduces user disruption during the process of moving mailbox across environments. The list of features could go on almost forever, but a full discovery of Microsoft Exchange Server?s ins and outs is a job for IT professionals, who will most certainly appreciate the high level of reliability that the product has come to deliver.

Avira Free Antivirus / RC Free Download

Category: Antivirus
Version: / RC
Size: 13 mb
Developer: Avira GmbH

Seeds: 101
Peers: 73

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Review: Avira AntiVir Personal seems to be the rightchoice for all those who are searching for a solution with decent performance and regular updates, just to be sure infections stay away from their precious data. The developers over at Avira have always offered a well-organized interface, and their latest antivirus solution makes no exception to this rule. Fortunately, although its supposed to fight against viruses, the application comes with a handy user interface that lets you configure it with ease. Avira only offers a bunch of settings, so advanced users should have no problem to deal with them, although beginners should too find the whole application quite easy to use. The installation process is not that pleasant though. If you have Windows Defender installed, Avira advises you to remove it before continuing the installation. We chose ?No? because it would make much more sense to use Avira together with Windows Defender, and not as a single solution. Continuing the installation brings you to another important moment: you must decide whether you wish to install a toolbar, which is actually the reason why the app is marked as ad-supported. Scanning is the kind of process that requires minimal interaction from the user. Choose the hard-disk you want to scan and let Avira do its magic. Scanning is not too fast though, and you may have to wait a little while to get rid of the worms. The speed of the scanning process obviously depends on the amount of data stored on your computer, so more files means more time. Avira promises to protect your computer against viruses, worms and Trojans AntiDialer protection as well as against dialers and rootkits, spyware and adware. In addition, there are dedicated tools to provide mail and web protection, plus a separate firewall to make sure you e going to stay on the safe side. In the end, Aviras antivirus solution seems just right for those who want nothing more than a software capable of blocking viruses and Trojan horses. The interface is more than decent, but a faster scanning process would be great. Still, what you pay is what you get, and Avira is clearly a smart pick.

sms2sms 1.0.0 Free Download

Category: Internet|Telephony / SMS & GSM
Version: 1.0.0
Size: 12 mb
Developer: SMS2SMS

Seeds: 103
Peers: 80

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Acest email este fără viruși sau programe dăunătoare deoarece avast! Antivirus este activ.

RapidTyping 4.6.6 / Beta FastDL (64 Bit) Free Download

Category: Others|Home & Education
Version: 4.6.6 / Beta
Size: 14 mb
Developer: PinokioSoft

Seeds: 105
Peers: 68

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Review: RapidTyping Typing Tutor is an application that can teach you how to type quickly and accurately. Since this is an ad-supported product, you should be careful when installing RapidTyping Typing Tutor since it offers to download and place some third-party components on your hard drive, that it doesn need to work properly. The user interface of the program is clean and intuitive. You can get started by selecting a preferred language, along with the type of your keyboard. So, you can toggle between beginner, intermediate and expert mode, as well as select lessons from the Basics, Shift keys, Numeric Pad and Digits, Symbols. Once you have completed a lesson, you can view results which consist of ratings (e.g. words per minutes, character per minute, accuracy), along with errors and delays in percent. In addition, you can view online records, repeat the lesson or proceed to the next one. But you can also view statistics, edit the text in an editor, add a new course and view the properties of the current one. Furthermore, you can enable sounds, reconfigure keyboard hotkeys, change the theme, select the lesson view, switch to a different font, and more. The program uses a moderate amount of system resources and includes a comprehensive help file with snapshots. We haven encountered any kind of problems during our tests and strongly recommend RapidTyping Typing Tutor to all users who want to improve their typing skills.